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Simplifying All Your Tasks With AI

We offer consulting services for prompt engineering and custom ChatGPT apps and interactions.

We believe in making technology work for you, not the other way around.

  1. You're in control: Our straightforward approach ensures you're always in control, free from App Store complexities, extra costs, and steep learning curves.
  2. Plain text simplicity: Everything we do, from AI Tools, apps, and data storage are in plain text, human-friendly format. Imagine the ease of backing up through a simple email or any text editor.
  3. Coming soon: Watch for our ChatGPT apps in 2024.

We strive for a learning curve measured in minutes.

AImarkdown Script Language

Our Open Source Project

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  • Innovating Document Interaction: We are proud to introduce AImarkdown Script, a groundbreaking open-source project. It's a unique blend of Markdown and YAML, integrated with AI instructions, tailor-made for both tech enthusiasts and those new to AI.
  • Empowering Non-Programmers: AImarkdown is our step towards democratizing AI interaction in document creation, making it accessible to non-programmers and simplifying it for everyone.
  • Community-Driven: As an open-source initiative, we encourage community involvement, feedback, and contributions to make AImarkdown a tool that continually evolves with its users.

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